Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Best Way To Lose That Pregnancy Weight!

So, you're a new mom, huh? Congratulations! If you're not, then, welcome! New mommies and even the ones who aren't so new, like myself, all have that one goal in mind once we leave the doctor's office for our postpartum check-up. Yes, I'm talking about getting into those skinny jeans once again. I know after I had my daughter, I was determined to whip my body back into before-baby shape. I wasn't super tiny to begin with, maybe a 6 or 8 in dress size, and I'm also petite so extra weight on me made me look frumpy. I did what many other young women would normally do and I searched for a weight loss miracle I could afford. I went out and bought HydroxyCut and bootcamp DVDs like crazy and started on an exercise binge. After nearly abusing every ounce of muscle I had for a week with no changes, I gave up.
I was on the right track, I knew, because once my daughter was born, I immediately started breastfeeding. I was reading up on a lot of material for how to jump start weight loss postpartum and this was definitely the route to take. I wasn't new to it, being that I breastfed with my first child and by the sixth week postpartum, I lost all of my pregnancy weight. Most of it was water weight, of course. I went back to researching a bit more because this time around, I had more than pregnancy weight to lose. I wanted to lose a total of 30 pounds including the left over baby weight. I thought, 'maybe I wasn't taking the HydroxyCut right'...or maybe there was something I overlooked. After going through a Special K diet failure and a counting calorie disaster, I finally stumbled on this book while shopping for more exercise equipment. It was called the 17 Day Diet. It sounded like the title of a late-night infomercial. But it was also intriguing. Aren't they all, until they swipe a few dollars from you and leave you regretting ever making that purchase.
I folded and bought the book and began to read it that night. A lot of it made sense, but most of all, I learned from all of the material I've read over time is that there's more to losing weight and keeping it off than a diet. You have to make a lifestyle change. The best way to lose pregnancy weight is learning what harms your body, what revives your body and what you need to feel the best you've ever felt. Yes, it was a challenge when I first started this change because my son was a normal 2 year-old that loved his snack time cookies, chips, and I was also cooking meals for my significant other that weren't exactly healthy. I had to adjust and that I did by substituting out a lot of sugars, bad fats, and processed carbohydrates. I'm not going into too much detail of what the author explains but he makes pretty valid points and the book is a good start to getting on the right track.
Changing around your agenda to fit in a few minutes of exercise is needed also. As a new mom, or even a busy mommy, this can be a bit difficult but there is always a solution to a problem. If it's spring or summer, take advantage of any free time to take a refreshing walk. Pack baby in a stroller and lots of water to stay hydrated and go out for a brisk walk. Postpartum exercise should always start off slow and it's one thing you're going to hear your doctor advise you do. Just 15 to 20 minutes once a day for three or more days a week can definitely do your body good and get those muscles burning, especially if there's uneven terrain such as small hills to walk over. I couldn't get out as much as I liked so I just danced around as a cardio workout and even my son joined in at times! I did a few core-strengthening exercises per week on top of cardio and some strength training once I felt comfortable, months later. Each body is different; know your limits and never overwork yourself. You just went through a very traumatic event by giving birth so take it easy!
So to conclude, there has to be dramatic changes to get dramatic results. I'm not implying that you turn into an exercise and nutrition guru. Only that you get educated for the best interest of yourself and those around you. Start small then work on up. You want to lose that weight, right? The answer isn't in a pill,a fad diet, or even a book. I gained a knowledge about health that I didn't have before by going through pregnancy and I committed myself to eating for health. I didn't make a bunch of crazy moves like buying an elliptical or joining expensive gyms. I just did simple math by adding and subtracting a few things from my life and before I knew, I lost the 25 pounds I was aiming for. I've been able to keep it off too...up until getting pregnant again. *smile* Make that promise to yourself that you'll lose that pregnancy weight by exercise, eating right, and sticking to it. You'll be glad you did in the long run.

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